Candle Inspo! Beautiful Fall Tablescape in White

September 23, 2018 1 Comment

Fall White Tablescapes

Every Fall Season in the Pacific Northwest, we look forward to seeing all the warm colors that come with the changing of the leaves and orange pumpkins dotting our porches.  Even though warm colors are traditional this time of year, there is another option for Fall decorating that is equally cozy as well as beautiful: a white tablescape theme.

To create a white fall tablescape, here are a few basic elements you will need.

White tablecloth: even if you have a gorgeous dining room table that you normally like to showcase, using a white tablecloth will help the other items on the table pop out against the white foundation of a white tablecloth.  

White dinnerware: there’s a reason why many restaurants prefer white dinnerware and that’s to showcase the food on the plate. It also allows flexibility for napkin choices as you can use almost any color and it will go perfectly with white plates. White dinnerware does not have to break the bank as you can get them to fit any budget and in a variety of materials. You can even buy white melamine dinnerware if you have young children, or need something that is unbreakable for outdoor use.

White candles: what table setting is complete without some type of candle shining brightly? If you plan on lighting your candles during dinner, opt for unscented candles so as not to interfere with the delicious aroma of the food. If you can find white beeswax tapers, or pillars, that's always the safest bet because they are clean burning and the tapers do not drip (unless exposed to a draft or overhead fan).

Shameless Self Promotion Alert! Another white candle option is the white ceramic Moon Drop tealight cups from Big Moon Beeswax. Ceramic Moon Drop cups are reusable, economical and eco-friendly (and most importantly, safe for anyone that is sensitive to strong fragrances!) You can place a ceramic Moon Drop tealight at each place setting for a thoughtful personal touch and they go with any decor. 

Chargers: To add some warmth and contrast to a white fall tablescape, try adding a wood charger underneath your white plates. Again, these wood chargers can be as economical as you need, or as high-end as your budget will allow, since they are sold all price points in a variety of stores. Choose a bark edge charger for a rustic look, or a smooth wood charger for a sleeker option. Wood chargers tie in perfectly with a fall nature theme and will give you years of use. 

Napkins: Cloth napkins provide a key element in setting the theme for your white fall table setting. Upscale, rustic, farmhouse, cottage, beach, cabin…the look you select in napkins can help pull your table theme together with very little cost. Since you are using a white tablecloth and dinnerware, you can use your napkin choice to add a pop of color to your table or take the white theme to the next level. Drape cloth napkins over plates to showcase them and make for easy access for your dinner guests.

Seasonal touches: To top off the white fall look, top each plate with a white mini pumpkin or place them in various spots along the center of the table. Apples add a pop of fall color, as well as any greenery you can harvest from your property or around the neighborhood. Another beautiful and natural option is to sprinkle some fall leaves in the center of your table, along with some acorns, if you have access to them. Gather anything you can find from nature that tells the story of fall in your part of the country and enjoy!

White tablescape setting

A huge thank you to Whitney for her amazing white tablescape picture and inspiration!

If you love decorating with candles (hopefully with Big Moon Beeswax candles too!) please send us a picture so we can feature your style in our Candle Inspiration blog posts! We love candles and we love to be inspired!

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Cammeron Edwards
Cammeron Edwards

September 24, 2018

This was a lovely tutorial for a crisp alternative to fall table settings! I love the moondrops mixed in at the place settings!

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