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May 11, 2018 1 Comment

Rogue Lien, Director of Cause Marketing at Big Moon Beeswax, and Huge Seahawks Fan

Rogue after being rescued from the shelterIt all started in Southern California back in 2013.  I was enjoying a Seahawks game, while surfing the internet and checking the German Shepherd Dog Community  Facebook page. . . I kept seeing posts about a young German shepherd in a high-kill shelter nearby that was going to be put to sleep.  The people on the FB board were frantically trying to get someone nearby to adopt this young pup before it was too late.   As the game was getting close to half time, it was becoming clear that this dog was not going to be alive tomorrow unless somebody acted fast!  Sooooo. . .  I jumped in the car and made it to the shelter about 5 minutes before they closed.  They didn't want to adopt him out due to his many orthopedic issues he was born with that severely limited his mobility and caused constant pain. I talked them into letting me adopt him by guaranteeing that I would get him the necessary surgeries so he could live a relatively normal and pain-free life. I admit, it was an impulsive move, but looking back, it was one of the best things I've ever done. 

Little did I know the chain of events that would unfold in my life after that moment.  People on The German Shepherd Dog Community Facebook group were so happy and relieved that someone had saved this dog from euthanasia that they started a Go Fund Me fundraiser and within a day had raised enough money to cover all of the medical expenses for this pup's orthopedic surgeries. Out of gratitude (and their insistence!), I started a separate FB page to keep all the surgery donors updated on this dog's recovery. Since then the "temporary" FB page has grown into a family of its own, dedicated to celebrating animal adoption. The good works of this private "furmily" is so varied and wide-reaching that it will require a book of its own just to tell their stories. 

Rogue is our Director of Cause Marketing here at Big Moon Beeswax, Go Hawks!I want to make Big Moon Beeswax a fundraising vehicle for causes that are important to me and I’m starting with the animal rescues that I have a close association with and know the money will directly benefit animals in need. Except for one dog, every animal I’ve ever had the pleasure to share my life with has come from a shelter, the streets or an animal rescue organization.

I use a portion of our sales and marketing funds to make our 'Adopt Love' travel tins, which go to select shelters and organizations around the country, to shine a light on pet adoption.  Hopefully, our goodwill, and the quality of our beeswax candles and holders will resonate and help us get the message out there so we don't have to focus as much on paid ads. 

Now, present day, Rogue has become our 'Director of Cause Marketing' here at Big Moon Beeswax. . .  And he is a Huge Seahawks Fan! 


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July 09, 2018

I never tire of this heart-warming true story.
And to think this particular Seahawks fan wouldn’t have been enjoying the next game
if it hadn’t been for Big Moon Beeswax founder Bryce Lien.
I’ll light one of my lovely, sweet-smelling BIG MOON BEEWAX votives today for
this gentle, sensitive, loving ‘Director of Cause Marketing’.

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