Season of Giving

December 24, 2018

Season of Giving

In this season of giving, I hope that those reading this blog will take time out to give to yourself. So many of you are probably burning the candle at both ends (yes I had to go there!) taking care of family and pets, giving large parts of your week to your job, possibly commuting more than you would like and generally living a fast-paced life that doesn't allow for a lot of "me time." If you are one of those people, then join the club as I'm right there with you! I read other candle-makers posting how "peaceful" and "relaxing" their job is and I wish I could say the same. Yes, it IS great smelling all that aromatic beeswax, but it is a science, as much as an art when it comes to candle making and there's a lot of testing, record-keeping packing, budgeting, cleaning, bookkeeping and many other un-glamorous tasks that go into running a candle company. With the fall and winter being our busy season, we've been working 12-16 hour days and I have to tell you, we're tired. Happy, but tired. 

I wish I could send everyone out there reading this blog post a candle as my gift to you so you could join me and just find some time to give back to yourself. In this world of the "perfect" online image people project on Facebook and Instagram, I just have to be honest and confess that my candle studio is not always peaceful, with gentle music playing while the candle-makers happily pour the golden beeswax into the molds. They work long hours because they are perfectionists and will reject a candle if it has the tiniest of flaws. So many of us work long hours, especially during the holiday season, and like me, you are tired too. You give so much of yourself and your time to so many different things that you need to find time to give to yourself. Like a pitcher that keeps pouring out, unless it gets refilled, it will have nothing left to give. 

Since I can't afford to give out free beeswax candles to everyone that needs one during this busy and often hectic time, please accept my wish that you take a moment to relax and do something just for yourself. 

In this season of giving, please give to yourself the gift of a "hygge moment" and do something that relaxes, refreshes or just makes you happy. You've earned it. 

With thanks and gratitude,

Bryce Lien, Owner Big Moon Beeswax 

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