Ceramic Taper Holder Made Exclusively for Tiny Tapers

Everyone is selling tiny tapers these days because they are so fun and causal! The perfect "anytime candle" because they can be lit many times and for as long as you want them lit. Made for yoga, meditation, prayer, or just lighting up a room for instant coziness.  Everyone sells tiny tapers, but where do you find taper holders that FIT these slender, 1/2-inch wide tapers? Big Moon Beeswax has them!

Our resident ceramic artist has created a glazed, natural white ceramic taper holder stamped with our signature bee, to hold any taper that is up to  1/2" wide.  Made especially for those of  you that love the  casual, slender tapers, instead of the big, formal tapers. Great anytime candles that provide a bright flame and hours of cozy atmosphere. Just light it and love it! 


Ceramic Tiny Taper Holder
Clear Glazed, Natural White
Taper Holder Base is 3" wide and 1" tall.

Holds 1/2" wide tapers only. Stable and sturdy. 

Hand Crafted & Kiln Fired at Our Studio in Washington State.

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