Beeswax Container Candles: 4-ounce container

100% Pure Beeswax is not ideally suited for large container candles without being diluted with other softer waxes like soy, palm or paraffin. You can get a great, sweet-smelling, long-burning container candle with undiluted, 100% pure beeswax but the options are limited. After years of trial and error and testing out other beeswax container candles on the market, we have found the perfect combination that works. We only sell our sweet-smelling beeswax in 4-ounce containers so you will get the cleanest and long-lasting burn time. Poured gently into 4-ounce candle tins that are wrapped with a black and silver seasonal label design. 

Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter

Each season is represented by elements found in nature such as Tulips in the Spring, Lavender in the Summer, Autumn Leaves in the Fall and finally those tasty tongue-treats we tried to catch as children: snowflakes.  



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