Candle Tips

As with all travel tins, please handle carefully when lit due to heat of the container.

Candle Tips

Please follow the Melt Pool Rule and allow your travel candle to burn for a minimum of one hour per inch diameter to prevent tunneling.

Candle Tips

Even though we take the added precaution of using candle tins with raised bottoms to protect furniture surfaces from the heat of a hot tin, using a candle plate is always an additional way to protect furniture.

Beeswax Travel Candle 4-oz

100% pure beeswax from the Pacific Northwest fills our 4-ounce travel candle tin, while the black and silver seasonal artwork adds a touch of class to any room décor. Free from artificial fragrances, preservatives or chemicals of any kind. Pure beeswax made by bees and sweetly scented by bees. 

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Big Moon Beeswax Candle Company


100% Pure Beeswax smells yummy like warm honey on toast when it's lit!

 Our travel tins are designed to look good sitting on a table, shelf or mantel and come in seasonal designs.

High Melt Point Keeps Candles From Melting During Hot Summer Temps
Did you know that 100% pure beeswax travel candles can endure very high summer temperatures without melting? Other candle waxes have low melt points and will easily melt during transport. Pure beeswax will stay solid up until approximately 150 degrees before getting soft. At those high temps, we humans will melt much sooner than your beeswax travel candle will! Many backpackers bring pure beeswax candle tins with them for emergency heat and light. 


What's in the Box

One 4 ounce decorative beeswax travel tin:
Approximate burn time per candle
21+ hours
Diameter - 2-1/2" x Height - 1-3/4"
3.75 Ounces

Big Moon Beeswax Candle Company


100% Pure Beeswax
from the Pacific NW
100% Cotton Wicks
Made in the USA


No synthetic perfumes or fragrances. Safe for anyone that is sensitive to strong scents or perfumes. Natural honey scent is a gift from the bees.


Black and silver label. 

Big Moon Beeswax Candle Company

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