Candle Tips
To prevent candle tunneling: allow pillar to burn one hour per inch diameter (width) of the pillar.

Candle Tips
Be(e) Safe! Please use a fire-resistant pillar plate underneath each pillar you light.

Mini Heart Pillars

This delicate, 100% pure beeswax mini-pillar celebrates love by showcasing a filigree heart in the center. Created to look like a rolled beeswax candle, but with the long burn time of a poured candle, this little pillar will provide a big light!


Big Moon Beeswax Candle Company


Our mini-heart pillars are made with 100% pure Pacific Northwest beeswax. With a delicate honey scent, added by the bees, our candles are perfect for anyone that is sensitive to artificial fragrances or strong scents.

What's in the Box

Mini Hand Poured Honeycomb Heart Pillar:
Approximate burn time per candle
20+ hours
Diameter - 1-3/4" x Height - 3-3/4"
3.7 Ounces

Big Moon Beeswax Candle Company


100% Pure Beeswax
from the Pacific NW
100% Cotton Wicks
Made in the USA


No synthetic perfumes or fragrances. Safe for anyone that is sensitive to strong scents or perfumes. Natural honey scent is a gift from the bees.


The pair is packed in a festive gift bag, tied with a ribbon.

Big Moon Beeswax Candle Company

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