40 Long Burning Beeswax Votives

Votives are a good choice when you’ve got several hours to allow a candle to burn uninterrupted. To get the prettiest, longest burn time, place your votive in a snug-fitting votive holder so the top layer of wax becomes a golden liquid as the candle burns.

Big Moon Beeswax Candle Company


With our signature bee stamped into the top, and delicate curved shape, our hand-crafted, pure beeswax votives are designed to burn gently, while leaving little beeswax behind.

Hypoallergenic and Safe for People and Pets                       

According to the National Institute of Health and the National Library of Medicine, 34.7% of people will suffer headaches, migraines and upper respiratory issues when exposed to strong fragrances in artificially scented candles. That means 1 out of 3 people will feel negative affects while being exposed to artificially perfumed candles. There are no  perfumes or artificial fragrances in Big Moon Beeswax votives so they make a great choice for anyone in your home. The subtle, sweet honey scent is natural to pure beeswax and is considered a fragrance-free product. 

Melt Pool Rule

Keep the votive lit for a minimum of one hour per inch diameter to keep the votive from tunneling. If you follow this rule, your votive can be re-lit several times without affecting the quality of the burn.

What's in the Box

40 Hand Poured Beeswax Votive Candles:
Approximate burn time per candle
17-20 hours
Diameter - 1.5" x Height - 2"
Total approximate burn time
680*800 hours
2.17 Ounces Each

Big Moon Beeswax Candle Company


100% Pure Beeswax
from the Pacific NW
100% Cotton Wicks
Made in the USA


No synthetic perfumes or fragrances. Safe for anyone that is sensitive to strong scents or perfumes. Natural honey scent is a gift from the bees.


Packed in our Big Moon Beeswax branded box, tied with a ribbon.

Big Moon Beeswax Candle Company

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