Candle Tips

The self-trimming wick does not require trimming so just sit back and enjoy the glow!

Candle Tips

Tealights perform best when burned completely during one lighting, so they are ideal for those times when you have hours to enjoy your candles. Burning a tealight in two sessions will shorten the life of the candle and leave more wax behind in the cup.

50 Beeswax Tealights in Clear Cups


Big Moon Beeswax Candle Company


Our traditional tealights are perfect for lighting up your favorite candle holders, as beeswax provides the brightest glow out of all other candle waxes used for tealights. Economical and long-burning, tealights are a maintenance-free choice for adding coziness to any room!

What's in the Box

50 Hand Poured Traditional Tealights in Clear Cups:
Approximate burn time per candle
5+ hours
Diameter - 1-1/2" x Height - 3/4"
Total approximate burn time
200-250 hours
0.63 Ounces of Pure Beeswax in each cup

Big Moon Beeswax Candle Company


100% Pure Beeswax
from the Pacific NW
100% Cotton Wicks
Made in the USA


No synthetic perfumes or fragrances. Safe for anyone that is sensitive to strong scents or perfumes. Natural honey scent is a gift from the bees.


Packed in our Big Moon Beeswax branded box, tied with a ribbon.

Big Moon Beeswax Candle Company

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