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Big Moon Beeswax wicks are chemical free and made in the USA.


The wick is the heart of every candle and determines how each one will burn.  Big Moon Beeswax only uses wicks and wick clips that are made in the United States by an ISO 9001 Certified company. The ISO certification means that the wicks and their wick clips are made to the industry’s highest standards. As with all wicks made in the United States, they are lead-free and safe to burn. We use vegetable-wax coated cotton wicks that have not been chemically treated.

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We only use 100% pure North American beeswax sourced directly from beekeepers in the Pacific Northwest. We personally visit our chosen apiary to ensure that all beeswax is processed gently, naturally and without any chemicals. Since beeswax is made naturally by bees, the wax color and fragrance will vary depending on where in North America the honeybees forage. We select all our beeswax according to fragrance, color and geographical foraging regions. Our most frequently used beeswax colors range from a soft yellow to a rich golden hue. Our white beeswax is created through a natural filtration process that does not include chemicals or bleaching agents.

Big Moon Beeswax pure beeswax is sourced directly from Pacific Northwest beekeepers and filtered naturally, without chemicals.
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Big Moon Beeswax  uses the safest and highest quality tealight cups, which are made in the USA.


We wish we didn’t have to use polycarbonate cups, but there are situations when our customers need tealights in recyclable cups, so we sourced the best available. We get our tealight cups directly from the manufacturer right here in the United States. There are several options when it comes to polycarbonate tealight cups and Big Moon Beeswax will only use the ones with the highest UL safety rating. All of our standard tealights come in UL 94 V-0 polycarbonate cups. As described by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), a V-0 material must self-extinguish within 10 seconds of being exposed to a flame.

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All Big Moon Beeswax candles are hand-made and tested by following the ASTM F2417-17 Guidelines as written. These guidelines are promoted by the National Candle Association to help candlemakers create safer candles. Anyone can make a candle, but it takes extensive research and due diligence to make a candle as reasonably safe as possible: that is our focus and our commitment to you. All Big Moon Beeswax accessories are in compliance with the ASTM F-2601 Guidelines for candle accessory safety. Our ceramic holders are handcrafted by Washington State ceramic artisans in small batches to ensure quality and beauty.

Big moon Beeswax candles are made by hand in a studio overlooking the Saratoga Passage.