Candle Care & Safety Instructions

Be(e) Safe:

  • Don’t let your lit candle get lonely  (keep lit candle company at all times)
  • Candles are for grownups (keep out of reach from children and pets)
  • Candles love to burn things (keep lit candles away from anything that can catch fire)
  • Candles love to burn each other (keep multiple lit candles at least 3 inches apart)
  • Wicks get cranky when they’re ignored (keep wicks trimmed when their flame gets too high)
  • Wicks get wild when there’s too much air (keep lit candles out of drafts and busy areas)
  • The flame is the window to your candle’s soul: If the flame is steady, your candle is happy.
  • If the flame is tall, pointy and flickering rapidly, your candle needs your attention. Show it some love by trimming the wick or move candle to a less drafty area.
  • Keep your candle happy and it will reward you with a long, beautiful and safe burn time.