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The Candle Blog by Big Moon Beeswax

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Is a votive a container candle, or a pillar?

Votives: What You Definitely Need to Know

Is a candle votive a mini-pillar or a container candle?

Beeswax Tealights

Fragrance-Free vs Unscented: There IS a Difference

There are chemical-free candles available but you need to know how to recognize them.

The Melt Pool Rule by Big Moon Beeswax

How to Prevent Candle Tunneling

Have you ever burned a pillar candle with the hopes of enjoying it for many days, only to find that your beautiful beeswax pillar tunneled straight down? This is why ... 

Big Moon Beeswax recommends hiring a beekeeper to relocate a bee swarm.

Our World Needs Bees

Please Relocate, Don't Exterminate

A bee swarm is just a group of tired bees that have stopped to rest while moving to a new home. They will leave on their own once they have gathered enough strength to move on. If you can’t wait for them to leave on their own, call a local apiary/beekeeper (not pest control!) to gather them up. Beekeepers will also come out and remove any bees nest on your property and relocate the bees to a new home. 

Customer Testimonials

Jean F.T.

Your candles arrived today - Opening the box made me feel like I did as a child opening  a Christmas gift! Love the beautiful wrapping with the little bee sticker,  the wonderful drawing, the magnet and the tea lights! The pillar candles are top quality and the perfect size!  I'm giving one as a gift and keeping the other one . Thank you and I will be ordering again for sure! 

Peggy Sue says her beeswax candles from Big Moon Beeswax are absolutely awesome.

Peggy S.

These are absolutely awesome. So much customer service goes into these packages. You get an email when you place your order, updated when it is being filled, when it is shipped and when it is delivered. The box with the tea lights was so perfectly wrapped in a ribbon I almost did not open it. The box is great for re-use. Everything was perfect. Thank you so very much.

Pat A.

Just wanted you to know how much we are enjoying our beautiful candles. They burn exquisitely...just look at this tulip candle forming silhouettes as it burns. Can't wait to receive our snowflakes...even though it is spring. I think I found the best beeswax candles around when I landed on your website.

Happy Spring!

100% Pure Beeswax

North American Beeswax sourced directly from the beekeeper.

Naturally Scented By Bees

Fragrance Free, Zero Added Chemicals


Safe for those with scent and chemical sensitivities.

Locally Sourced

All Materials Used in Our Candles Are Made in North America