About Big Moon Beeswax Candle Studio

Big Moon Beeswax Studio

A Lovely Collaboration

Big Moon Beeswax is a family-owned private candle studio on Camano Island, in beautiful Washington State.  Our family brings a variety of talents to Big Moon Beeswax Handcrafted Candles as we have two artists, a photographer, a product developer, a ceramic artist and two experienced candle-makers. Together, we create unique candle designs that our artists dream up and our candle-makers bring to life. As a family, we love creating uniquely designed, high quality beeswax candles and accessories, and feel honored when you light our candles in your home. 

Healthy Candles for a Healthy Lifestyle 

My Mother is a Cancer Warrior, and fights hard to keep her healthy lifestyle while dealing with Stage 4 EGFR Positive Lung Cancer (she's a non-smoker), so wax purity is extremely important to all of us. You breathe what you burn. When you add chemicals to candle wax and burn that into the air, the artificial fragrances may smell wonderful, but your lungs are not appreciating the chemicals you are inhaling. We wouldn't breathe chemicals in our own homes and wouldn't dream of putting them into yours!

You Can Shop Anywhere, So We Need to Offer You the Best

Our candle makers have been making beeswax candles for many years and have relationships with ethical/quality apiaries throughout the Pacific Northwest. Our candle makers personally go to our chosen apiaries and select the wax Big Moon Beeswax will be using each year. We need to know, beyond a doubt, where our beeswax comes from and whether it's 100% beeswax and not cut with other waxes. 

All of our candles are made from 100% Pure Beeswax from the Pacific Northwest. 

My Mother and niece are artists and their beautiful artwork is inspiration for the candles we create. Once a new design has been created, our candle makers go to work bringing that artwork to life in beeswax candles.

My Wish for You

I want to help you find the right candle for you. We are continually updating our blog and providing educational information on choosing and burning beeswax candles. Please feel to contact us with any questions to guide you in the right direction. We take great care making our candles and want to make sure you are happy with the candles you receive.

With thanks and gratitude for spending your time with us.

Bryce Lien, Founder (and Rogue, my Goodwill Ambassador)