Let Your Light Shine

Saving a Rogue shelter dogThis page is created to thank all those wonderful animal rescues and volunteers that give so much of their time and their heart into helping the helpless.  As a company owner, I've got the easy job of donating some of my income to these animal shelters, so I'm no hero. The true heroes are those selfless people that devote their lives to trying to save every animal that they possibly can. I can't imagine the heartache these compassionate volunteers go through on a daily basis having to look into the eyes of an animal they can't afford to rescue from a high-kill shelter. 
We've designed a special "Adopt Love" travel tin dedicated to pet adoption, which we make exclusively for the organizations that we work with.  The tins are sold by these select shelters, and all profits go toward the shelters.  They are great adoption gifts and raffle give away prizes.  Look for them soon at the organizations below.

Why we donate to: The German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County

A Rogue shelter dog Behind BarsBack in November, 2013, there was a German Shepherd known as "Kennel #A1286989" at a high-kill animal shelter in Southern California. He was scheduled for euthanasia due to his numerous orthopedic issues even though he was only one year old. The German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County was unable to pull this pup out of the high-kill shelter because his medical needs far outweighed their financial ability to help him. Such a heartbreaking choice for a rescue that is dedicated to saving German Shepherds! Fortunately for Kennel #A1286989, a lot of caring people on the Facebook group, The German Shepherd Dog Community posted about him and he was adopted by the owner of Big Moon Beeswax (me) at the eleventh hour. Unlike many other dogs in high-kill shelters, this pup got his happy ending and now goes by the name of "Rogue." As Rogue's human, it's a lot easier calling him  "Rogue" than Kennel #A1286989! Even though the German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County wasn't in a position to pull Rogue out of that high-kill shelter, they have been responsible for saving countless German Shepherds over the years! I personally know a number of people that have cherished canine family members saved through the GSROC and some of them volunteer for the rescue too. I am very particular about where my donation dollars go to as I want to see my hard-earned money in the right hands.  

I want my money to actually go towards doing something good and not administrative fees and salaries etc. Every penny that is donated to the German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County actually goes to saving a German Shepherd from a high-kill shelter. It goes for the adoption costs the rescue incurs when they remove a dog from the high-kill shelter. The money goes for medical care and food for each dog while it is being fostered and waits for its forever home. Stay tuned for the Adopt Love Travel Candle that will be available from GSROC!

Rogue Shelter Dog