Candle Tips

Remember the Melt Pool Rule! Allow pillar to burn one hour per inch diameter (width) of the pillar to prevent tunneling. If burning for multiple hours, trim the wick whenever the flame starts to get tall, pointy and flickering back and forth. 

Candle Tips

Be(e) Safe! Please use a fire-resistant candle plate underneath each pillar you light.

Beeswax Pillar 'Moonlight Mountain' 3"x4"

Have you ever looked up into the night sky and seen the moon light up a mountain? A moon so big and bright that it seemed as if you could reach out and touch it? Seen moonbeams stream across water and through the trees on a quiet summer night? Capture that feeling when you see the glow of the candle’s flame illuminate the moon and the mountains when you light Moonlit Mountain. You may just want to make some smores while you're at it!

Big Moon Beeswax Candle Company


Beeswax is the only candle wax made in nature, not in a factory. 100% pure beeswax from Pacific Northwest beekeepers is the only ingredient in all Big Moon Beeswax candles. No chemicals, no colorants, no artificial fragrances. Naturally hypoallergenic and safe for anyone that is scent-sensitive or chemical-sensitive. The natural honey scent was added by the bees when they used the wax to store their honey. Smells like honey on warm toast when lit.

What's in the Box

One hand poured 3” x 4” 100% Pure Beeswax Pillar:
Approximate burn time per candle
60+ hours
Diameter - 3" x Height - 4"

Big Moon Beeswax Candle Company


100% Pure Beeswax
from the Pacific NW
100% Cotton Wicks
Made in the USA


No synthetic perfumes or fragrances. Safe for anyone that is sensitive to strong scents, perfumes or chemicals. Natural honey scent is a gift from the bees.


Wrapped in our bee and flower theme paper.Big Moon Beeswax Candle Company

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